Serbia Floods: Rescuer Recounts Devastation

Marko Majstorovic, a member of Serbia’s volunteer Mountain Rescue Service, was one of the first rescuers on site on May 14, after devastating floods swept through the Serbian city of Obrenovac.

“You cannot imagine what it was like,” Majstorovic told HuffPost Live. “You see rivers running through the streets. People have no power, no electricity, no water. All the cars which are parked on the street are submerged, and the lights on those cars are on. It’s very, very spooky.”

Obrenovac, located just 18 miles outside of Serbia’s capital city Belgrade, has witnessed some of the worst damage in the historic floods that have left the entire Balkan region reeling after three months worth of rain fell in just three days. Nearly two weeks after the rain stopped falling, large parts of Obrenovac remain underwater, and 14 residents have been found dead.

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